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Scanning converts paper information to digital information. The MFP has become the digital “On Ramp” for data and information in the office.  There are many ways to use scanning to improve your business processes:


Communication: Scan-to-Email allows you to deliver scanned documents directly to email addresses. Users simply enter email addresses into the control panel of the MFP. Scanned documents become PDF or OCR attachments. This allows you to get a document directly to the recipient’s desktop or mobile email. This streamlines communication, speeding up your business.  OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows documents to be edited and text searchable.


Archiving: Scanned documents can be saved to a network folder or an Electronic Document Management System. This allows your paper documents to be stored, secured and backed up on your computer network.


Workflow: Scanned documents can be directed into a workflow. For example, consider a typical sales order process. The order is printed and signed by a customer.  Then, it can be scanned and routed to the accounting department to set up the account. The document can then be routed to the shipping department to fulfill the order. The shipping ticket is printed along with an invoice. When the invoice payment is received it is scanned and forwarded to the accounts payable department to record the payment and generate a commission. Your employees have instant access and notifications to the trail of the document throughout the process.


Automation: Many parts of this process can be automated using advanced scanning software. Bar Code recognition can be used to read bar codes off of documents and route them to the correct locations. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can convert scanned text to editable text. This can be used to name or index the document. It could also create data that could be imported into your business software.


Multi-function systems provide a bridge between the paper and digital worlds we live in. Paper and digital documents are the key vehicles by which information flows through business

processes. When you can streamline the flow of this information you can deliver tremendous benefits.

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