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Ricoh and Lanier Copier Multifunction Office Equipment for Albuquerque Offices

Expand productivity with enhanced capabilities now and into the future with Lanier and Ricoh IM series multifunction copiers

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Ricoh Lanier IM Series

The new Ricoh and Lanier IM C Series is part of the new Dynamic Workplace Intelligence approach to deliver continual improvements and ensure technical capabilities evolve in parallel with customer requirements. This new approach forever changes how customers interact with and receive value from Ricoh and Lanier devices, enabling them to work smarter. This is possible thanks to the company’s technology innovation, including the new Ricoh and Lanier Always Current Technology and Cloud Workflow Solutions powered by the Smart Integration platform.

Always Current Technology

Always Current Technology makes regular updates to firmware and other applications available on-demand and as needed. Customers will be able to download and install new features, applications, and upgrades directly to their device as they become available, giving users greater flexibility and allowing them to work with more agility. This empowers digital workplaces to scale their capabilities based on evolving needs while also keeping security features and software up to date. Additionally, it enables the purchase of premium upgrades the moment they hit the market, eliminating the need to wait for new models to become available.

Uptime and Security

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A key aspect of empowering digital workplaces is making information in all its forms reliably secured and accessible. Aspects include allowing service experts to remote into a device’s Smart Operation Panel for fast troubleshooting. Ricoh’s intelligent copiers leverage onboard encryption, and those equipped with hard drives come standard with DataOverWriteSecurity System (DOSS) to help protect information passed through intelligent devices.

Ricoh and Lanier IM Series

  • Intelligent Technology
  • Software Stays Current
  • Cloud Workflow
  • IEEE 2600 Security
  • Intelligent Support
  • Smart Operation Panel
  • Seamless Collaboration

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