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The Ricoh Family Group

Document Technologies presents to its customers the premium names of office products to its clients.

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The Ricoh Family Group is a collection of product lines created to address different markets and industries. At first, this can seem confusing that different brand names are produced by the same company. These product offerings include Ricoh, Lanier and Savin. These brand names are segmented in order to be targeted toward more traditional small to medium-type businesses. Lanier for national brands and large corporate clients, and the medical industry. And the Savin line is reserved for smaller markets. Parts, supplies, and any third-party software compatibility (eCopy) remain the same and able to be shared.

Ricoh Ranked #1

Since 2003, Ricoh has been ranked number 1 in copier and laser printer sales. This product group had a placement of around 23.1% market share. Document Technologies is proud to serve our clients with the number one product line in America for office equipment.

Modern Services

This product line continues to stay innovative in its goal of providing the latest technology to office environments. See Below:

Ricoh Copiers In Albuquerque

Linking Today’s Technology With Your Office Print Devices

  • Cloud Content Management
  • Mobile Device Friendly
  • Full Digitization of Legacy Data
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Time Efficiency
  • Collaboration with Interactive Whiteboards
  • Enhance Network Management

When shopping for office equipment like multifunction copiers and color laser printers with Document Technologies, you know you will be getting the best device for the job that fits the needs of your office. We will help your staff find the best technology to give you the best quality and maximize cost reduction while at the same time keeping your uptime maximized. The Ricoh Family Group equipment and software give your personnel the tools to power through routine document production over your network.

We have worked with many companies in Albuquerque like yours and have experience helping many satisfied customers pick the right device.

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