Print Management Services

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services from Document Technologies gives your Albuquerque office the ability to reduce printing by optimizing your current print environment. Whether its laser printers or all in one copiers, our Managed Print Services program allow you to standardize your printing environment, streamline the supply ordering process, simultaneously cutting costs and increasing efficiency in your office. We also lease and service a variety of printers including Xerox, Ricoh, and Kyocera. Our technicians are factory trained and authorized to service these brands.

How Do Managed Print Services Work?

Managed Print Services begins with the monitoring of your office’s printing environment through a print audit. A print audit gives us the necessary data to analyze your printing environment and make the right recommendations to reduce printing across your organization. A Print Audit displays where printing takes place in your organization, from a company overview down to the individual user.

Aside from monitoring your print environment, Managed Print Services also help manage supply costs. Our software will monitor your printers and automatically read your meter levels, letting you know when you are getting low on supplies. MPS also let your office automate supply ordering, ordering supplies as necessary based on your meter reads.

There are many benefits to Managed Print Services, from cutting costs to increasing efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about how MPS can help optimize your Albuquerque office! day!

Print Management

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Print Monitoring

Print Monitoring

Every company no matter how big or small has a need to be aware of how much printing they are doing and the huge costs that are involved with print. Research has found that printing costs are equivalent to 40% of a company’s labor costs.

Many businesses find it difficult to keep track of how many pages are being printed and how much ink and toner are being used. That is what print monitoring was designed for. It keeps track of these things and allows you to cut back on print related costs in your office and also allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and become a “green” office.

Print monitoring allows your office to:

  • Eliminate waste by enforcing print rules
  • Switch jobs to high volume printers or to duplex copies
  • Ensure document confidentiality
  • Prevents duplicates
  • Restrict printing by groups, users and printers
  • Delete and move jobs effortlessly between print servers, all from one console

There are many benefits to print monitoring including:

  • Eliminating costs associated with printing up to 50% or more!
  • The creation of a detailed audit trail of the cost of printing so these costs can be reduced.
  • Easy to monitor from one console.

Print monitoring works by:

  • Re-routing a print job to a more efficient printer and sends a pop-up to the users PC to inform them the job is being printed somewhere else.
  • Displays the cost of the current print job on the users screen and allows the user to confirm if they would like to continue with the print job or to edit it to reduce the cost of the print job.
  • Assigning a printing quota per employee, department or section of your office and will let users know when the quota has been met then will restrict the user from anymore printing without your direct permission from admin.
  • Changes print jobs to black and white prints only when the quota is close to being met.

Print monitoring will allow your office to reduce costs associated with printing and become more environmentally friendly.

Print Monitoring

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Print Accounting

Print Accounting

Most companies spend more money on printing every month than they realize.

It is important for each of these companies to know exactly how much their business spends on printing. Being aware of printer usage is an essential aspect of business and allows you to maximize on printer investment and minimize the total cost of printer ownership. Tracking printing costs can be difficult without help from software. Print accounting offers an easy way to monitor and reduce printing costs.

Print accounting will:

  • Track usage of printing by user, department, client and project allowing control and proper budgeting.
  • Allow you to assign cost values to the documents printed.
  • Enable you to use print cost information for department billing or client bill-back purposes.
  • Schedule automatic e-mail reports for full detailed accounts of printing usage.
  • Allow you to restrict printing access according to user, department and budget.
  • Capture details on color vs. black and white pages, number of pages printed, page size, paper types, document name, and total time spent on document output.
  • Make color printing cost-effective by letting administrators control and monitor color printer usage by defining who can print color.
  • Calculate costs for each device, including cost per page and supplies used.
  • Provide data through spreadsheets showing your printer usage for every printer, copier, and multifunction printer. You can receive these reports on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis.

Everything that print monitoring provides to you can help you make fact-based decisions about adding, removing, and relocating office equipment. It will also allow you to budget properly and track which departments use the printer the most for billing purposes.

Print accounting allows you to track and monitor printing in your company. From there you can create resolutions and regulations that will save your company money and allow you to be environmentally friendly.

Print Accounting

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Document Routing

Print Job Routing

In an office there are many documents that are created and have the need to be routed to different recipients. Most businesses have documents that need approval before being sent. Using traditional email can create delays and can also be unreliable and difficult to manage. That is why many companies are using document routing, which allows you to send documents from one person to another for review, approval or reference. Document routing allows the direct delivery of electronic documents within an organization.

Document Routing or Management?

You might wonder what the difference between document management and document routing are. Well, document routing involves document delivery and document management involves document storage and retrieval. Document routing systems have the capability to route documents directly to multiple locations.

Document routing can simplify the way your office distributes documents. It will give your office efficiency when you scan documents that needed routed. Document routing will route these documents from the same interface quickly and easily. Document Routing will provide you with a superior workflow for your office.

Some of the most common locations documents can be routed to include:

Email addresses
Network folders
Web folders
Accounting systems
CRM/ERP systems
Fax numbers
Users’ desktops or laptops
Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
Secure Cloud Storage
Mobile devices

There are many benefits offered by document routing that can help your company’s workflow. Some of these benefits include:

Improved productivity due to business process automation.
Consistency and reliability in document life cycle management.
Uniformity and regulation in business processes and methods.
Proper tracking and auditing.
Improved content quality.
Elimination of risks related to errors and oversights.
Streamlining of common business processes and functions leaving little to chance.
Reduced operating costs.
Improved productivity and services.
Better working conditions for employees.

Print Job Routing

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Fleet Optimization

Print Fleet Optimization

Did you know that many businesses routinely spend upwards of $500 or more per employee, per year on printing alone. For businesses of any size, these costs add up quickly. For small businesses that are already operating on strict budgets, fleet management allows you to drive costs down to an affordable level. For larger businesses of 10,000 employees or more, fleet management can save your business $1,000,000 or more by ensuring that all printing is completed in the most efficient ways possible.

Many businesses look to implementing new technology to boost productivity, reduce costs and improve document quality. Fleet optimization from Document Technologies allows you to take a look at your existing network of Ricoh, Kyocera, and Xerox copiers, printers and MFPs and get the most out of your current hardware.

Benefits of fleet optimization from Document Technologies include:

  • Discover inefficiencies and track unnecessary printing throughout your organization.
  • Optimize your print assets and get the most out of your existing fleet of copiers, printers & MFPs.
  • Route documents to the proper device, allowing you to utilize the most cost-effective print device for every print job.
  • Track results and continually improve processes over time, leading to even further savings and improved productivity.

To learn more about how you can get the most out of your print fleet, increasing productivity and reducing costs, please contact us today!

Printer Fleet Optimization

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Cloud Services

Cloud Services – Mobile Services

A few of the latest trends as of late from IT managed services have been Mobile and Cloud services. Mobile printing has become such a craze because of the many hassle-free features that allow you to print easily from your mobile device to any printer. This takes the hassle out of ensuring that you always have the most up to date drivers for the right devices.

Printing shouldn’t have to be a big endeavor, and printing the documents you need on the fly can give your employees a significant boost in their overall productivity. Mobile cloud printing allows your employees to stay focused on the task at hand, which leads to a better overall product across the board.

Some additional benefits of mobile printing include:

  • Print on-demand from your mobile device, from any brand to any printer.
  • No need to keep up with the latest printer-specific drivers.
  • Manage your documents with cloud services and print directly to the best device for the job.
  • Conveniently print documents wherever you need them, whether you are offsite at a client’s office, at home or simply away from your desk.
  • Take document security up a notch by having full control of when documents are released at the printer, ensuring your confidential materials stay secure.

Cloud Services

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