Non-profits and religious organizations must produce a variety of documents, ranging from newsletters to marketing collateral to reports. Having the ability to create high-quality pamphlets, banners, and booklets in-house can also help nonprofit organizations save costs rather than outsourcing those types of print jobs. It’s imperative to effectively manage costs on a fixed budget and properly maintain records of activities to retain a tax-exempt status.

Our Solutions for Non-Profits

At Document Technologies, we understand the needs of nonprofit and religious organization and will work with you to develop cost-effective solutions for all of your printing needs. In many cases, a number of expensive outsourced jobs can be brought in-house for a fraction of your current costs. We provide a wide range of multifunction devices that also have the ability to staple, fold, hole punch, and booklet fold (saddle-stitch) for distribution of high quality collateral. In addition, we understand that when you need to print those types of jobs you don’t always have the luxury of extensive downtime, which is why we provide timely service from highly qualified technicians.



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