Rising production costs have added to manufacturers’ challenges, and finding areas where costs can be reduced has become an imminent priority. Work orders, invoices, accounts, and packing lists are just a few of the documents printed regularly. There’s often little accountability regarding “what else” is being printed, on which device, and by whom. Managing these documents can become an increasingly difficult task.

Our Solutions for Manufacturers

We provide document management solutions that help you monitor, control, and track these costs by user or department. In most cases, simply creating a system of accountability will significantly reduce your overall print usage. In other cases, implementing rules-based software will limit usage, control which users have specific functionality, and automatically route high-volume print jobs to multifunction copiers with a lower cost-per-page of operation.

Managed Print Services

Many manufacturing organizations don’t have a complete picture of the total cost of operation of their print infrastructure. Print costs can often be spread across multiple types of print devices with varying costs per page, toners, supplies, and service contracts. For this reason, we begin with a print audit to assess your current situation. From there we will make a recommendation that optimizes your print operations by redeploying devices where necessary, eliminating redundancies, consolidating devices into cost-efficient units, and lowering your true cost per page into one convenient service contract. This alleviates the burden on your IT staff and helps you reduce overall costs.


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