Documents are the lifeblood of most law firms. Effectively managing large amounts of information is critical to your practice. Whether you’re handling case files, deposition transcripts, or billable records, your law firm needs an efficient process of managing your document workflow. Having the ability to produce documents at a low cost per page, archive those documents into automated repositories, and quickly retrieve those documents when they’re needed, will greatly impact the productivity of your practice. Implementing the right document security measures also protects your firm from facing legal penalties if legal documents are lost, stolen, or misplaced.

Our Solutions for the Legal Industry

We understand the needs of the legal industry and provide solutions to streamline your document workflow with integrated OCR, Bates Stamping, and document routing based on barcode cover sheets. Whether it’s creating a process of protecting client data consistent with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or implementing a tracking system for recovery costs, we have solutions that will improve your efficiency. Many firms and litigation practices also frequently have a need to send document files that are too large for email. To accomplish those objectives, we also provide an application called Accusender that allows you to send larger files without traditional email server file limitations.

Our legal solutions can help you:

  • Scan into repositories with automated file naming conventions
  • Quickly find records using docket numbers or client names
  • Instantly find content within a document with Searchable PDF and OCR
  • Protect your data from unauthorized access
  • Keep an accurate audit trail for purposes of client billback


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