The document needs in today’s healthcare industry are vast and demanding. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations must abide by strict regulations regarding the privacy of information, which has made security a critical element of your document and data processes. In addition, the necessity for having an optimized workflow that allows you to quickly distribute, archive, and retrieve files is paramount to your day-to-day operations.

Our Solutions for Healthcare

We offer a wide range of flexible solutions to help you accomplish the tasks that are most important in your healthcare organization. Whether you’re in need of a solution that enhances your ability to share, retrieve, and store records like eRecord Connect or a solution that implements user authentication for accessing office equipment, we have options that are tailor-made for the requirements of your hospital or clinic.

Our applications and document management solutions also enable you to:

  • Achieve HIPAA compliance
  • Meet HIT regulations
  • Streamline the process of records processing
  • Protect your data from unauthorized access
  • Instantly retrieve patient information
  • Reduce storage and create an archive of critical data

Healthcare Industry

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