Schools are constantly faced with unique challenges from the costs of high-volume print jobs to the challenges of storing student records in accordance with State and Federal regulations. Without restrictions or guidelines, printing and copying also has the potential to be a wasteful and inefficient practice that consumes your budget. We understand that the challenges faced by educators and academic administrators are constantly evolving, and they need a partner that is able to grow with their needs.

Our Solutions for Education

At Document Technologies, we are able to work with you to alleviate costs from a number of key areas through programs like managed print services and our document management solutions that restrict and limit access based on parameters set by the administration. We also provide software that automates your workflow.


Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant is a convenient application that simplifies the process of grading by allowing the educator to print bubble sheet forms, analyze class standings, and grade multiple-choice test results instantly from a Kyocera/Copystar multifunction printer. Instead of spending a great deal of time manually grading papers and tests in an error-prone process, the educator can spend more time focusing on the actual students. The finalized tests are scanned and analytic reports are produced that give the teacher further insight, such as easiest and most difficult questions, so that the educators are able to identify strengths and weaknesses.

It streamlines the entire grading process and increases the productivity of your teachers. Furthermore, Teaching Assistant uses regular paper to generate bubble sheets. This means that you can print as many bubble forms as you would like for the low cost per page of your multifunction device. This greatly reduces expenses if you are currently printing on a dedicated scanning system with costly pre-printed media.

Learning Digitally

Integrated Cloud Environments simplify processes for students and educators all across academia. Around campus, teachers and students are continually sharing information and doing so at a faster pace then ever before. Often, they use hardcopy formats — such as a handwritten brainstorming session, work for an algebra equation or a page from a reference book. Tedious workarounds make it difficult for instructors and students to include hardcopy information in their digital learning processes. The Education Package that we offer through companies like Ricoh,  is designed to meet the unique needs of today’s digital- centric learning environments.

With the Education Package, you can:

  • Convert hardcopy documents to editable digital formats
  • Scan and send by email or directly into Canvas, Google Drive, Crowdmark and more from the ICE-enabled device
  • Print your documents from tablets and smartphones

School Office Equipment


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