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So you are thinking about getting a postage meter for your company, but not sure where to start? Postage Meters can be called a variety of names including mailing machines, postage machine, stamp machine, postage printer, mailing systems, mail meters, and a few others. No matter what you call them they all do basically the same job: print postage on envelopes saving time and money in the form of an indicia. All postage meters are regulated by the United States Postal Service and must be rented or leased from an authorized dealer.

Why Use A Postage Meter?

If you regularly send more than a few envelopes, you can save time and money by automating your mailroom processes with a postage meter. So how exactly can they help you out? Faster than sticking stamps, a meter automatically calculates rates and prints postage. Many meters can seal your envelopes as well. Postage Meters give users access to postage discounts that save users money over using stamps. Also, with integrated scales, never apply more postage than necessary. With a postage meter you can download postage 24/7 and never need to go to the post office to buy stamps. You can additionally add a professional business image on your envelopes with the metered imprint. Add your logo or a special message.

Mailing Machines Save Time

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Nobody likes licking envelopes. Wouldn’t you rather have the machine seal your envelopes for you? That makes processing mail faster and more enjoyable (and more hygienic). Some postage meters have the ability to moisten and seal envelopes automatically. The more mail you run, especially if you run large batches, the more useful this feature will be. Postage Meter manufacturers state processing speed in Letters Per Minute (LPM). Entry-level meters start at about 17 LPM. Scales weigh envelopes and packages, allowing the machine to automatically calculate postage based on mail class, destination, and weight.

FP Mailing Meter Benefits

  • Saves Time And Money
  • Convenience
  • Custom Branding
  • Easy Reporting
  • Cost Accounts
  • Dynamic Scales
  • High Volume

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