Document Management in Albuquerque

Document Management Systems in Albuquerque

Document management strategies in Albuquerque from Document Technologies allow your office staff to optimize and improve how you currently handle and store important data. The DocTech staff can train your company in ways that can help improve your current file management system and integrate cloud services where appropriate. All businesses have their own ways of managing their paperwork and file systems. Whether or not it is a traditional paper-based managed program or a more modern digital system, there are ways that it can be optimized to increase employee productivity, increase security, and reduce costs.

Find out why so many other companies are moving to a secure and efficient system for managing their internal office data.

Increase Productivity and Safeguards

Give your employees the ability to search for documents right from their desks. By reducing the amount of physical document storage in your office and switching to digital, your employees can get the most out of their time in the office.

Document Management Security

Digital document management systems add multiple layers of protection to your documents traveling over your network and around your office. These protocols allow you to set passwords and add permissions to each file, giving your direct control over who has access to your copiers and printers. Along with encryption and digital safeguards, your documents will have a layer of cyber security that will bring your office up to industry standards of document storage requirements. Added security helps you keep customer and employee information well-guarded.

Digital Document Management Benefits

Digital document management systems offer many benefits, including reducing the costs associated with printing. As digital archiving becomes more popular, more companies will begin to reduce printing and move towards strictly digital and secure document management systems.

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Document Management

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Document Capture

Document Capture

Digital documents and archiving is the wave of the future. Businesses looking to improve their productivity and document security are turning to document capture services to create a digital archive while utilizing cloud services. Whether you are a small business owner looking to get a leg up on the competition or are the owner of a large corporation looking to improve productivity and improve security, document capture is a great way to take your document processes to the next level. Offering unmatched scalability, document capture from Document Technologies is a powerful tool perfect for businesses of all sizes.

Many businesses utilize their existing copiers, multifunction devices and other office equipment as their digital archive’s primary on-ramps for documents. This allows you to easily maintain your archive and keep it up to date with all your documents as they are created. In addition to simply uploading the files to your digital archive, document capture software allows you to tag documents appropriately, making them easy to search and retrieve with a few keystrokes on your computer.

Additional benefits of document capture include:

  • Flexibility to create your archive as you want it. Tag your documents in a way that is easy for your employees to search and retrieve them.
  • Utilize remote scanning, indexing and verification to maximize the flexibility of your system.
  • Take document security up a notch and implement the latest security tools, ensuring your data stays safe and secure.
  • Integrate with a software server to recognize users, automate

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Document Workflow

Document Workflow

Document Technologies can help you boost efficiency in your organization with affordable and custom paperless solutions that save both time and money, contributing to your business’s overall growth and success. Regardless of industry, organizations that utilize document-intensive processes rely on the award-winning GlobalSearch Content Management Suite to eliminate business inefficiencies.

Document Workflow

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Document Archive

Document Archive

Integrate GlobalSearch with your existing business equipment, including printers and scanning devices, to gain Archival, capture and retrieval support for advanced workflow automation. GlobalSearch fully automates the capture and indexing of archived documents to eliminate the need for user intervention while maximizing your return on investment.

Document Archive

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square9-softwareSquare 9 Business Process Management solutions enable organizations to manage project tasks more efficiently by attaching business logic to documentation. Process consistency is established with company-specific document workflows and cyber security protocols in place. This helps to extend how people and staff can work with their copiers and business-critical information. Uniquely customizable process workflows can be built to fit the specific business needs of your organization to automate virtually any document-driven process.

Common Applications Include:

Document Retention Scheduling – By setting the regulatory requirements for your documents, the BPM software will automatically remind you of when the retention period is over. The workflow monitors document dates to watch for appropriate retention times.

Accounts Payable Automation – BPM will automatically deliver and notify users of required invoice approval and instantly match it with corresponding purchase orders or packing slips to fully automate GAAP compliance.

Contract Management – Before a document is signed, BPM workflow solutions ensure the contract has been through the proper review cycle by tracking any changes, edits and approvals.

Employee Onboarding – The software will automatically match a new hire application with the associated documentation, such as W-4, I-9, and other critical onboarding documents, to streamline the hiring processes while ensuring regulatory compliance.


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Document Management Systems Consulting

Curious about implementing a document management system into your business model? For document-intensive companies looking to challenge the definition of business efficiency, Square 9 Softworks develops next-generation business solutions that drive increased productivity across all departments and applications.

Delivering the unique tools that streamline process performance, Square 9’s award-winning solutions save both time and money, contributing to your business’s overall growth and success, so you can spend more time doing the things that matter most.

Easily adapted to automate any paper-intensive area of business, Square 9’s solutions eliminate inefficiencies in accounts payable processes, human resources paperwork, contracts management and more.

Document Technologies can help you evaluate your process and design a unique workflow to meet your individual needs.


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