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Multifunction Printers

All In One Printers In Albuquerque

All in one premium printers and office equipment such as multifunction systems from Document Technologies give your office staff the leverage they need to produce results. This brings to your fingertips the ability to print, copy, scan and fax from one easy to use machine. All In One printer systems will help to optimize your office, giving your employees the tools to be more productive and efficient with their time. We work with you to discover the exact combination of tools you need to maximize efficiency. All of our printers provide high quality output in both stand-alone and network configurations.

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All In One printers offer the following benefits:

  • Copy, Print, Scan and Fax features from one device
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Access multiple functions simultaneously
  • Finishing options, such as stapling, booklet making and three-hole punch
    Simple interface
  • Cost saving alternative to single function counterparts
  • High output for both color and black & white models

Ricoh, Lanier, Kyocera, Copystar in Albuquerque

ricoh albuquerqueAll in one printers ensure you get the most out of your office printing equipment. By making the switch to multifunction devices, you are giving your business the chance to get ahead of the competition by giving your employees the tools to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our Kyocera, Ricoh, and Xerox multifunction systems and how they can increase efficiency in your Albuquerque office!

Multifunction Printers

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Laser Printers

Lanier, Ricoh and Kyocera Color Printers in Albuquerque

Choosing a color laser printer that best fits the needs for your office is extremely important. While often the laser printers in your office and how they are deployed may not seem like that big of a deal, these decisions can actually have drastic effects on the overall productivity of your office. Document Technologies helps your business discover the best color printing equipment for your specific needs and helps formulate the best plan for deployment on your network and for your staff.

When choosing a color laser printer, there are a number of factors that come into play. These are things to keep in mind when shopping for printers:

  • Quality of Print
  • Printer Speed
  • Options
  • Software
  • Types of Security
  • Color Print vs. Black & White Print

When shopping for printers with Document Technologies, you know you will be getting the best color printer for the job. We will help your business find the best printers to give you the best quality and maximize cost reduction. We have worked with many companies just like yours and have experience helping many companies pick the right printers!

Laser Printers

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An image scanner, typically called a scanner, is a device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a digital image that can be opened on a computer and from there can be edited and reprinted.

You can scan almost anything including:

epson document scanners in Albuquerque

You can scan almost anything including:

  • Posters
  • Pages of magazines
  • Books
  • Photographs
  • Documents
  • And in some instances 3D objects can be scanned and turned into a 2D image

There are numerous types of scanners that can be used including:

  • Drum scanner: This scanner provides a high level of image quality that goes well beyond the needs of desktop scanning. They are usually used by professional printing businesses.
  • Flatbed scanner: This is the most commonly used scanner found in homes and businesses alike. With this scanner you place a document on a flat glass window for scanning. Flatbed scanners are available in a wide range of sizes, prices, and capabilities.
  • Single sheet scanner: This scanner was created to scan a single sheet of paper. You insert one edge of the paper in a slot and the scanner grabs it, scans it then passes it out the other side.
  • Sheet-fed scanners: This scanner was created so you can stick a stack of papers in the scanner, walk away, come back and all of the pages are scanned. These scanners can be very useful in some situations
  • Photo scanners: This scanner will scan images approximately 4´6 inches in size.

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Production Color Printers

Production Color Printers

Color printing is the reproduction of an image or text in color (as opposed to simpler monochrome printing).

Colored printers use cyan, magenta, yellow and black in various amounts to create all of the necessary colors when printing images or colored text.

Although colored printing isn’t needed for simple black and white in house documents, colored printing is great for many other things such as:

  • Marketing materials
  • Newsletters
  • Customer documents
  • Invoices
  • And much more

Using color when printing documents and marketing materials that will be seen by customers or potential customers is important. People respond better to things that are in color. It will attract, influence and create reader retention.

Studies have been conducted to prove that colored printing is more effective.

Studies prove that:

  • Color increases readership up to 40%
  • Color helped 76% respondents find information faster
  • Color increases understanding by 73%
  • Color accelerates learning from 55% to 78%
  • Color improves invoice payment response rates up to 30% when used on date and amount due

If you would like your recipients to have a better understanding and a better chance of remembering your material then color printing is the way to go. Colored printing boosts the efficiency of your prints.

Check out our product catalog today to find the perfect color printer for you.
We are happy to provide the best color printing office equipment options for all of our customers in Albuquerque.

Production Color Printers

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B/W Printers

Monochrome Printers

A monochrome printer prints documents and images in gray scale and black and white.

Reasons to use a monochrome printer:

A monochrome printer prints documents and images in gray scale and black and white.

Monochrome printers are great for printing in-house documents.

If you have the need for a printer that is used for plain word documents, invoices or spreadsheets with no color then a monochrome printer will work.

Monochrome printers cost less to operate and the supplies are cheaper as well.

Monochrome Printers

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Wide Format Printers

Wide Format Printers

Wide Format Printers Wide format printers are usually between the width of 17 and 100 inches and use a roll of print material rather than individual sheets of paper.

Reasons to use a wide format printer:

They are commonly used to print things such as:

  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Blueprints
  • General signage

Wide format printers are great for industries such as:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • Public relations
  • Photography
  • Graphic design

Many companies outsource these jobs, which can take more time and money!

By purchasing a wide format printer you can print in house projects at a fraction of the cost. You will also experience a greater creative freedom to create the perfect piece. You will be able to do things your way, on your watch and for a cheaper price than outsourcing these projects.

Wide Format Printers

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