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Albuquerque Office Equipment

Office equipment Albuquerque companies rely on from DocTech will fit your staff’s needs and is essential for a smooth and efficient work environment. By offering the latest in Lanier, Ricoh and Kyocera office equipment, our corporate clients in Albuquerque have a history of trusting our knowledgeable sales and support staff. It’s important to have a reliable source to recommend the right device, copier, and print office equipment for your industry and office network.

Every company will be unique in how they operate and the clients that they serve. Our staff can take the time to educate you on what printers and VoIP phones will work for your staff, your network, and even your office layout.

Our office equipment is intrusion secured and integrates well with your current network to ensure proper workflow with staff and their mobile devices. Built-in countermeasures and cyber security for copiers, laser printers and other devices ensure safe data usage.

Efficient Device Management

Office Equipment Solutions

Albuquerque Office EquipmentSome of our clients want to focus on centralized monitoring for their devices, while others would like to place emphasis on reporting or maybe driver management, cyber security and IT managed services. And yet others would like to take advantage of on-the-fly printing with cloud services. Whatever your reason for upgrading your office equipment for your Albuquerque company, we can create a customized solution that fits your needs.

But outfitting your company with the latest copier or printer technology does not end our services and relationship. We can continue to monitor their performance as part of our offering to your business. We collect meter information and monitor toner levels so upcoming issues are addressed before they actually become issues. Our goal is to be proactive to avoid downtime and delays.

When early warning signs present themselves, we go into action. A new device from DocTech for your office means you can be confident in its usage.

Management and Security

Advanced Office Technology

Office Equipment in AlbuquerqueCertain safeguards need to be put into place to protect certain office equipment and client data. With today’s internet, information can move fast, and an increasing amount of regulations exist to make sure that data is protected. Office equipment sold by DocTech of Albuquerque ensures that your data stays where it’s supposed to and can only be accessed by credentialed personnel.

Cyber security technology built within our devices protects print job data from being compromised by outside sources. Features such as (Data Overwrite Security System) DOSS wipe any leftover data that gets left on your printer HD. Advanced automated access controls are also available.

  • Easy one-touch scanning
  • PIN and user ID protection
  • Pull printing
  • Detailed audit reports