Customer Testimonials

These guys are awesome. We contacted them when we set a new office up in Albuquerque, and they have been providing us with top-notch service since day one.

They cover everything an office will encounter: software issues, networking stuff, printers & copiers. They’re great because they not only do on-site work, but they’ll gladly do over the phone diagnostics as well. This is especially helpful when you’re busy, kind of know that the deal is, but need someone a little more knowledgeable.

Lastly, they’re all really down to Earth and easy to deal with. I’ve had my share of techies that were a little aloof and hard to work with. Not these guys. Every one of their staff has been polite and professional, not to mention efficient and capable.

Wes Says

I just saw you for the first time in approximately a month. It was an appreciation call…you brought treats, thanked us for our business and asked if there was anything your company could do better for ours.

I want you to know that I have never been as pleased with an out sourced business in your specialty as I have been with you.

Document Technologies should know how very prompt, caring, detailed and professional you are on every call you make to our office.

It is a pleasure and a comfort to know that you will arrive to assist with a problem or begin a project and trust it will be completed in an appropriate amount of time.

Proper communication between you and the staff is observed and greatly appreciated.

I would recommend you to any business for IT services.

Thank you for taking great care of our needs.

Southwest Eyecare

With the DocSTAR system provided by Document Technologies, we have the security that if our building burned down today, tomorrow we open up offsite and have access to everything we had access to the day before, and that is HUGE for us…

KYSAR Insurance Agency

Document Technologies was one of the best decisions I have ever made for New Mexico Legal Aid. They are totally responsive to the needs of my program and our 10 offices. We have copiers and printers throughout the 10 offices and if we have a problem their quick response keeps us doing business no matter what.

 I would recommend Document Technologies to everyone who is even thinking about purchasing or leasing a copier or a networked printer.
New Mexico Legal Aid